Introducing Harmers HR Templates

Harmers is delighted to offer our valued clients a suite of easily-tailorable HR templates providing employers with legally-compliant employment-related contracts, correspondence, policies, and workflows.

The Harmers HR Templates are ideal for all businesses aiming to achieve compliance with Australia’s complex employment laws and best-practice in human resources management. Our templates can be seamlessly integrated into your human resources practice management.

The introductory suite of documents is now available via an annual subscription. Please click here to view offer.

Important new legal obligations arising from recent developments are incorporated into the Harmers HR Templates, including:

  • August 2018 – all Modern Awards were amended by the Fair Work Commission to include a clause dealing with unpaid leave to deal with family or domestic violence. The Harmers Contract Templates, Leave Policy and the Leave Request Form now incorporate this form of leave.
  • November 2018 – the Fair Work Commission varied all Modern Awards with effect from 1 December 2018 by inserting new provisions relating to flexible working arrangements (expanding the entitlements and obligations in respect of flexible working arrangements). The Harmers Contracts of Employment contain suggested clauses related to these entitlements and obligations.
  • The recent Federal Court of Australia decision in WorkPac Pty Ltd v Skene [2018] FCAFC 131 considered the nature of casual employment and described the factors which suggest a person is a casual employee are irregular work patterns, uncertainty, discontinuity, intermittency of work and unpredictability. The Court also concluded there would not be a firm advance mutual commitment to on-going employment on an agreed pattern of ordinary hours of work. The Harmers Casual Contract Template contains a reference to that decision and points to the need to consider the impact of this decision at key places in the contract.
  • August 2018 – the Fair Work Commission inserted a model clause dealing with conversion of casual employees to permanent employment into many Modern Awards, with effect from 1 October 2018. These clauses give casual employees who have been employed for a period of 12 months or more – and who work a pattern of hours on an ongoing basis which the employee could continue to perform as a full-time employee or part-time employee (as applicable) without significant adjustment – with the right to request conversion to permanent employment. There are now significant new obligations on employers of casual workers to ensure their employees are aware of the provisions. The Harmers Casual Contract Template now contains references to that decision so that employers are made aware of their obligations and can ensure full-compliance.

We anticipate publishing Stage 2 of our template library in early 2019. These additional templates will cater for a wider and more complex range of HR issues. There will be an opportunity for Stage 1 subscribers to upgrade to this comprehensive subscription package.

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