Patrick Will


Patrick graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2019 with a Juris Doctor and a Graduate Certificate in Professional Legal Practice. Patrick also holds a Bachelor in Communications (Public Relations).

Patrick volunteered his time at the HIV/AIDS Legal Centre (“HALC”) in Surry Hills while completing his legal studies. Patrick’s tenure at HALC involved Anti-Discrimination advocacy against gender, sex and disability discrimination as well as workplace victimisation across all Australian jurisdictions. HALC also provided Patrick with invaluable exposure to the administrative legal process.

Patrick joined Harmers in 2019 as a Graduate-at-Law with working and transferable knowledge in the ever-developing area of mental health and legal mental capacity. At Harmers, individual clients have retained Patrick in matters concerning, among other things, sex and disability discrimination, victimisation, bullying, executive contract review and misleading or deceptive conduct during pre-employment negotiations. Corporate clients have retained Patrick to manage whistleblowers, enforce restraints of trade and post-employment obligations on former employees and to navigate enterprise bargaining, including protected industrial action.

Prior to joining Harmers, Patrick developed a strong reputation in the hospitality industry. He managed many of Sydney’s leading venue operations focussing mainly on licensing compliance, work health and safety, industrial awards and the customer service cycle. Patrick also spent over 1 year in Shanghai, China developing business for martial arts suppliers and helped Australian anti-bullying programs establish themselves in the competitive Chinese market. Patrick enjoys bringing his functional, international and entrepreneurial experiences into his domestic legal practice.

Patrick was also awarded the Young Citizen of the Year Award for Marrickville Council in 2007 and more recently was a student finalist for the Law Society of NSW’s Golden Gavel.