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Harmers is the Australian member firm for L&E Global, an alliance providing counsel on cross-border labour and employment law issues with 32 international practices and 1750+ attorneys worldwide.

Michael Harmer - one of Australia's best workplace and employment lawyers.

Antonella Gambotto-Burke profiles
Michael Harmer, Chairman

About Harmers

Harmers Workplace Lawyers was formed in 1996 and is one of Australia’s largest employment and industrial law practices with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The firm focuses on innovative, high quality problem solving and a preventive approach to law across all areas of employment and industrial law.

We are perhaps unique in Australian employment practices in that, while having an emphasis on corporate Australia and its senior executives, the firm seeks to implement workplace fairness for all, and will represent employers, employees and their representative organisations as needed. Harmers has represented many of Australia’s largest corporations, CEOs and senior executives across a broad range of industries, and has run some of Australia’s landmark cases in employment and discrimination.