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Work InSights is the Harmers news journal providing comprehensive articles on workplace law issues.

Winter edition 2019

1 Keeping it casual: recent and upcoming changes to casual employment relationships
3 When can employers carry out criminal record checks?
5 Should your business implement love contracts and non-fraternisation policies?

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Summer edition 2018

1 The role of power imbalance and consent in sexual harassment
3 Investigations into sexual harassment
5 Pregnancy and parental leave

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Thumbnail Work InSights 2018

Winter edition 2018

1 General damages in sexual harassment
3 Employee dismissed for after-hours
conduct of a sexual nature directed
at colleagues, even though company
policies and code of conduct did not
expressly cover out of work conduct
4 Workplace bullying: still a major
problem more than ten years after
the tragic death of Brodie Panlock

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Spring edition 2017

1 Privacy protections and
pre-employment screening
3 Redundancies – managing the human
cost and your legal risk
5 Accessorial liability under the Fair
Work Act for the failure of the
business to pay employee entitlements

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Autumn edition 2016

1 The legal quandary of the “intern”
4 Drugs, alcohol and unfair dismissal
6 Key developments in employment law in 2015

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Autumn edition 2015

1 Senior executive terminations
5 Managing personal liability for HR Managers
6 Implied terms in employment contracts
7 Harmers training modules

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