Principled Leadership

The founding members of the firm established the principles under which Harmers Workplace Lawyers operates. They are:

  • the firm will specialise in Workplace Law and will not accept, or will outsource (or refer to other reputable firms), instructions that are not within the firm’s areas of expertise;
  • the firm, by its advice, will endeavour to ensure fair outcomes in the workplace;
  • the firm’s business-approach will be based on a commitment to have low overheads, provide excellent service, maintain a happy workforce, and be engaged in worthwhile pursuits;
  • the firm is committed to being a model people manager and an innovator in the area of employee benefits;
  • consistent with these fundamental principles, Harmers’ internal culture has at its heart principles of openness and consultation;
  • the firm’s own people management practices reflects the firm’s advice to its clients; and
  • the firm provides for full information sharing, profit sharing, involvement in and ownership of the firm’s direction, and fair treatment to all our staff.

The firm stands for:-

  • fair treatment for all;
  • the protection of human rights;
  • mutual trust and respect;
  • the dignity and privacy of individuals;
  • respect for diversity of approaches and opinions;
  • the ensuring of occupational health, safety and welfare;
  • the promotion of fair and ethical conduct and processes;
  • education, reform and rehabilitation at the workplace;
  • balance (high level professional careers with social, emotional, family, intellectual, physical and spiritual pursuits); and
  • the provision of practical, efficient and high quality legal advice; and to the extent that reasonable returns can support it, the provision of pro bono assistance for those unable to access justice.