Summer Clerk Testimonials

We have asked our summer clerks to share their experiences of undertaking a clerkship with us, which we want to share with you.

2013/14 Summer Clerks
Daniel Shaw
“Harmers has been consistently recognised as a leading employment law firm in Australia and has been involved in many landmark cases that involve a large social justice element. It was for these reasons, along with the opportunity to work on matters with both employers and employees, that I chose to clerk at Harmers…”
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Andy Yang
 “I remember two senior solicitors thanking me for my efforts in writing a research memorandum which proved to be of great assistance to a client’s case. This is just one example of how I was made to feel part of a team where my efforts and opinions were truly valued….”
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Samantha Harmer
“It opened my eyes to what it is like being a practicing solicitor as opposed to studying the theory of law at university…””
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Naomi Cooper
“Harmers has a very people-oriented culture, which seeks to provide quality legal work while also training and nurturing the individual employee…”
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2012/2013 Summer Clerks
Dean Tolkin
“I always felt like a valued member of Harmers’ highly diverse, skilled and professional team of lawyers who take immense satisfaction in working for the achievement of justice, equality and fair treatment for all.”
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