Work Life Pursuits

Harmers has developed a suite of policies to support a staff member’s work and personal life, including:

  • outstanding parental leave provisions. These provisions include paid parental leave for eligible staff members of 14 weeks at full pay or 28 weeks at half pay, and six weeks’ special paid leave for illness related to pregnancy or birth;
  • study assistance and paid study leave;
  • carer’s leave;
  • part-time or flexible work hours to accommodate personal circumstances where possible;
  • access to extended periods of leave without pay in some circumstances;
  • Harmers Day;
  • social and sporting events; and
  • remote access to firm PCs, email and voicemail systems.

The firm places a strong emphasis on team work and aims to distribute heavy workloads across the firm. The following policies set out the firm’s team work ethic and guidelines for periods of heavy workloads:

  • All Hands to the Pump Policy;
  • Best Practice Teamwork Model; and
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Delegation.

Harmers’ remuneration policy strongly focuses on rewarding quality output rather than a large number of hours worked.

Where, in the opinion of the senior management team, long term and excessive overtime has been performed by a staff member, the firm may elect to make available to that staff member time in lieu.